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Montana Department of Transportation


Sometimes a video is worth a thousand words. Watch and share these thought-provoking clips.

Montana stories

Getting a ticket saved her life
Room to Live
Walking Away: The Killoy Family

Public service announcements

Backseat bullet – Ireland
Backwards – U.S.
Boost 'em in the back seat – U.S.
Elephant in the Backseat – UK
Embrace Life, UK
Heaven can wait, U.S.
The Sound of Saving Lives – U.S.

Car seats

Rear-Facing Only Car Seats - Michigan Car Seat Basics

Booster seats

Booster seats – The missing link
Installing a no-back booster

Crash test dummy scenarios

Unrestrained children in a crash
Unrestrained driver
Volvo truck rollover – Sweden
Volvo truck rollover (inside cab) – Sweden


Hilarious Seat Belt Reminder