Life is Shattered when you don't buckle up

Why Buckle Up?

When we're looking at crash data, we must remember that every number represents a person's life -- a life that is shattered, a life that has also shattered the innumerable lives of those who loved the victim.

- MDT Director Mike Tooley

In the last 10 years:

Vision Zero

In front of an audience of young adults on the University of Montana campus, Montana Department of Transportation Director Mike Tooley announced "Vision Zero," a multipronged initiative with the ultimate goal of eliminating deaths and injuries on Montana highways.

"Today I am standing up for the lives of all Montanans and making a commitment to aim Montana toward zero deaths and injuries on our highways. One life lost to a crash is one too many," Tooley said. "It's a huge effort, but the Department of Transportation and our partners are united in our mission to saving lives on Montana roads."

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